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Can probiotics help weight loss?

A slowly growing number of studies explore the opportunity of using probiotics and/or prebiotics to control obesity and weight management. Although current evidence is inconclusive to suggest a particular probiotic strain or type of prebiotic, this early research looks promising, and definitely encourages further studies to find out more!

A small 2008 study actually found that rats given acidophilus showed weight loss compared to rats not given probiotics. The rats given acidophilus showed increased levels of leptin, a protein found to decrease the appetite and increase the metabolism. More recently, a study in December 2010 by the Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority with Cork University found that altering Lactobacillus probiotics in a certain way could lead to the production of molecules which reduce levels of fat tissue in the body. Levels of t10, c12 CLA (a molecule shown to shrink fat cells) in the body fat of mice fed this special Lactobacillus strain were four times greater than in the mice not fed this strain.

Other studies show that prebiotics such as FOS can increase levels of the satiety hormone, glucagon-like peptide (GLP-1), helping to reduce food intake and improving the blood lipid profile. For further information on prebiotics and weight loss, see the following article by Georges Mouton, internationally acclaimed Doctor of functional medicine: - The Uses of Prebiotics

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